Creating Musical Masterpieces with Technology

Have you ever wondered, how can music, technology and nursing home residents come together harmoniously?

A Magical Collaboration

To harness the power of music in building relations and encouraging expression, St Joseph’s Home brought in I’m Soul Inc for a Music Making M.A.G.I.C. Programme.

The first run of the programme was conducted in an intergenerational format. Children from St Joseph’s Home Infant and Childcare Centre learned to use the Soundbeam Technology together and co-create beautiful melodies.

The Kindergarten 2 children and our residents thereafter put up a joint performance as part of Parent Appreciation Day!

Warming up with some songs loved by the children and residents
Children and residents learning to use the Soundbeam Technology to create beautiful melodies!

Inclusivity at St Joseph’s Home

At St Joseph’s Home, residents with advanced dementia or who are bed-bound participate in creative programmes as well. We do so by working closely with our partners and where possible, bringing in technology. This way, residents are able to participate actively to the best of their abilities, while forming a bond with others over music. 

Residents creating music harmoniously as one
Resident tapping on two switches while following the instructor’s beat

Introducing the Soundbeam

The Soundbeam is a musical device that produces a variety of sounds with a simple tap or physical movements. This means that if you can’t strum a guitar, you can still produce similar melodies. And even if you’ve never learned to play the piano, you can create the same tunes with your body. Soundbeam has also been proven to boost creative expression, physical activity and cognitive development of the user.

Resident trying her hands at music-making with simple gestures!
Instructor from I’m Soul Inc demonstrating the Soundbeam Technology

Interested in executing similar programmes with our beloved residents at St Joseph’s Home? Write in to us at for partnership and/or volunteer opportunities