Imagine a Michelin experience in a nursing home

Food plays such an important part of residents’ physical, emotional and social wellbeing. When the pandemic lockdown happened, it made bringing residents out for special treats even more challenging. Since we can’t bring over 200 residents out at each time, we thought – why not bring the Michelin chef into the Home?

That’s exactly what we did in April.

Chef Cueff Felicien, a celebrity chef with over 35 years of experience, served up a French-cuisine for almost 400 staff and residents. Write-ups of Chef Cueff Felicien’s impressive accolades were featured around the Home. It created much excitement amongst the staff and residents.

On the day the meal was to be served, a long queue formed before the shutters were even opened!

Staff forming a queue to get their hands on the French Cuisine
Staff enjoying the meal during their lunch break

Chef Cueff Felicien took full ownership in coming up with the menu and overseeing the prep work and cooking. Almost three weeks before the special day, Chef Felicien sent our kitchen team the ingredient list. Head of Food and Beverage of Catholic Welfare Services, Craig Onn, together with our Sous Chef, Alvin Chong, looked into the ordering of the ingredients.

It was an absolutely honour to have Chef Felicien take over the kitchen for the morning. He arrived before the sunrise. He guided our in-house chefs on how to season and prep the meal. As our in-house chefs worked alongside him, they too had a wonderful learning experience.

St Joseph’s Home kitchen team with Chef Cueff Felicien (in black, second from left)

It was our pleasure to be able to share the delight of the “customers” and pride of the kitchen team on our social media pages as well.

Many thanks to our Chief Executive Officer, Bart Lim and partners for supporting us on this project.

Of course, special thank you to Chef Cueff Felicien in generously sharing his passion and expertise in the French Cuisine with the St Joseph’s Home community.