FAQs to get your started

I can’t swim. Can I still do hydrotherapy?

Absolutely! Most hydrotherapy exercises simulate land-based skills, such as walking, lifting your legs and rotating your ankles. They are performed while standing. You wouldn’t need to put your head underwater.

At times, trainers may prescribe exercises that require you to lay down. In such cases, trainers will provide additional guidance. They may also physically support you or provide you with a commode to lie on during your exercise.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to do hydrotherapy?

Yes, we will need a referral to obtain further details from your doctor or specialist to ensure it is appropriate for you to commence hydrotherapy. Kindly download the referral form here.

What happens during the initial assessment?

During the initial assessment, our hydrotherapy team will seek to understand your physical and medical history, current physical condition and rehabilitation needs. It lasts typically 30 to 45 minutes. 

Can you do a home visit?

Home visits can be done on a case-by-case basis. Kindly contact our hydrotherapy team for assistance. 

Are there subsidies available?

Should you require financial assistance, kindly contact our hydrotherapy team for advice.

How many sessions are there?

Our trainers customise a hydrotherapy programme based on your needs and goals. You will start with an initial assessment and have at least one session for you to learn your hydrotherapy exercises. Thereafter, the number and frequency of sessions would be advised after the first session.

What is the expected group size?

Our indoor pool can host up to 4 pax per class. You can also opt for personal training.

How close to the lesson should I have my meal?

It is recommended to eat at least an hour before the lesson so that you have properly digested and can be comfortable and focused during the session.

Do you provide transport?

We would require clients to arrange for their own transport.

Can caregivers accompany?

Caregivers can wait on premise during the session.

How do you keep your pool clean?

We fully utilise a combination of salt chlorinator and UV to disinfect our pools throughout the day. In addition to manual and regular cleaning of filters, we also deploy cleaning robots to maintain the overall cleanliness of the pool every day.

Besides that, we have to submit the water to NEA for Sample Test. This monthly sampling programme is to ensure that the water quality meets the physical, chemical and bacteriological standards of NEA regulations.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

You may contact us at +65 9225 3829 during office hours.
Alternatively, you can email hydrotherapy@stjh.org.sg with any other queries.

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