Hospice Care

Hospice care is the philosophy of focusing on the person’s physical as well as psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. It is an approach to care that seeks not only to minimise the symptoms of advanced illness but to enable living well right till the end of life. As the birthplace of hospice care in Singapore, we take great pride in journeying with our people as well as their families through this stage of life and inspiring them to live as meaningfully as they can.

Nursing Care

This forms the bulk of the care for residents who require moderate to maximum support for daily activities like eating, showering and transferring from bed to chair and vice versa. Our nurses also see to our residents’ emotional well-being and medical care including wound dressing, medication dispensation and fall risk assessment among others.

Dementia Care

Persons with dementia and who are still independent to some degree receive care from a dedicated clinical team. The staff-to-resident ratio is kept small so the care team can get to know the residents better and tailor programmes to meet individual needs. Examples of such programmes include cooking and craft sessions. We also offer Dusk-to-Dawn, an overnight respite service for caregivers of persons with dementia.

Find out more about Dusk-to-Dawn in our non-residential services.

Allied Health Services

For all residents staying in our home, our Allied Health Services and Social Work team extends bio-psychosocial care and support through the following:
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Music Therapy
• Casework and counselling

Gym Tonic

Funded by Lien Foundation, Gym Tonic was first introduced to Singapore in 2015 and is built on the basis that “exercise is medicine.” The software-enabled, air-powered machines are for seniors to build strength and fight frailty.

Our in-house gym machines are available to all residents. Gym trainers provide pre and post assessments, custom program design and supervision during each session.

Community Programmes

To make ageing something to aspire towards rather than dread, we are working with the community and using tools like the creative arts, digital media and hands-on workshops to start dialogues and spark ideas on how we could better support one another. Our partners include corporate, schools, religious organisations and grassroots members who are investing their time, energy and know-how to co-craft a new narrative on ageing with us. Won’t you join us?

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