Creating Musical Masterpieces with Technology

Have you ever wondered, how can music, technology and nursing home residents come together harmoniously? A Magical Collaboration To harness the power of music in building relations and encouraging expression, St Joseph’s Home brought in I’m Soul Inc for a Music Making M.A.G.I.C. Programme. The first run of the programme was conducted in an intergenerational … Read more

Imagine a Michelin experience in a nursing home

Food plays such an important part of residents’ physical, emotional and social wellbeing. When the pandemic lockdown happened, it made bringing residents out for special treats even more challenging. Since we can’t bring over 200 residents out at each time, we thought – why not bring the Michelin chef into the Home? That’s exactly what … Read more

Art therapy in nursing home

Art Therapy in a Nursing Home and Hospice

Joanna Tan (J), one of Singapore’s pioneering art therapists, sat down for an interview with Tan Hsiu Li (HL), the current art therapist at St Joseph’s Home, to talk about the initiation and development of the art therapy service in the nursing home. Joanna shared some of her interesting encounters with her past clients and … Read more

Intergenerational Expressive Arts at Childcare Centre

What’s the intergenerational experience at St Joseph’s Home Infant and Childcare Centre?

Intergenerational bonding is such a buzz word these days. What exactly is intergenerational bonding programmes? Intergenerational bonding programmes are where the young and old, typically with a large age gap spanning two or more generations, interact and socialise with one another. The benefits of intergenerational programmes (IGPs) have been well documented (Canedo-Garcia et al., 2017). … Read more